Welcome to guanshe!

guanshe” is a wordplay taken from the Chinese word 关系 / 關係 spoken: guanxi) which means amongst others “relation”, “connections” and the English for “she”, 

so "guan" + "she" = guanshe 

guanshe is a strong community of women who are exchanging knowledge, ideas and advice about self-employment, starting a company, career change, money management, financial investment and many more topics.

 Read what other members learned for example when changing into self-employment and can pass on useful advice or write about your own experience.

 Get specific advice and tips in relation to founding a company, money investment, taxes and many other topics!

 Get in direct touch with women with your same interests - even from another country and thus get first-hand info and impressions!

I am Anke, the founder of guanshe and are looking forward to welcoming you to our community!

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Photo: Anke Pauli/Private