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Are you thinking about to changing into self-employment but you don’t have the courage to really take the first step ?

➤ At guanshe you can exchange your thoughts with like-minded women and empower each other!

➤ In addition you will receive loads of useful information, that you can put directly into practice and that will make your (professional) life much easier.

Do you have specific questions in relation to self-employment, starting a company, financial investment, money management and so on ?

➤ Post your questions at the forum at guanshe and exchange knowledge and views with other members to these and many other topics.

➤ Let yourself get inspired and motivated with reports by other members about their experience and receive specific advice through our useful articles.

Do you need support to questions related to legal, tax or other matters ? Or are you looking for someone to set up a project together ?

➤ At guanshe you can look for other guanshe-members with expertise in a certain field and support each other - together we are strong!

You have saved some money that with almost 0% interests is not really growing but you hate to start getting more involved into this topic?

➤ guanshe will help you get more comfortable with topics concerning saving and investing money and you will receive specific tips and advice that you can directly implement yourself. In addition, at the forum you have the possibility to exchange views and suggestions to this topic.

You want to be informed about exciting events around you or even want to invite other guanshe-members to our event?

➤ At guanshe you have the possibility to publish events and thus can grow your circle of participants or even exclusively invite guanshe-members only.

Receive advice and support or give other guanshe-members tips and even receive rewards for it?

➤ This is only possible at guanshe! At guanshe we not only support each other but for a variety of activities you can even get points and exchange these for a reward!

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➤ No matter in which professional situation you are currently in, at guanshe you will find like-minded women you can exchange your ideas with and support each other, get tips and specific advice covering self-employment, career change, money management, financial investment and much more!

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