Your savings bank account: be serious
05.11.2018 · by Victor
When you actually make a move, it's not that hard as you imagined.
05.11.2018 · by Wennie
Stop finding excuses!
05.11.2018 · by Wennie
If you are registering a GmbH, UG or as an individual entrepreneur (Einzelunternehmer), you should be aware of this!
18.10.2018 · by guanshe-team
Create a small source of income „on the side“
15.10.2018 · by Victor
When it comes down to feedback in relation to your potential business, DO NOT look for opinions, look for CLIENTS.
13.10.2018 · by Victor
Try to save in each opportunity (but don’t exaggerate!)
10.10.2018 · by Victor
Have discipline and don’t lie to yourself
09.10.2018 · by Victor
Start your savings account and make it grow!
03.10.2018 · by Victor
Giving up does not mean that you are a loser.
27.09.2018 · by Wennie
Discover your shortcomings and try hard.
26.09.2018 · by Wennie
Do not complain, jump out of the frame.
17.09.2018 · by Wennie
Saving money is as important as paying your rent or your telephone bill
14.08.2018 · by Victor
Are you curious about ETFs and would like to look deeper into this investment form? We will show you how you can find the ETF that suits you.
01.08.2018 · by guanshe-team
If you want to become self-employed in Germany, you need to know about the terms “Ist-Versteuerung” and “Soll-Versteuerung” that are from the German tax law. We will explain to you their meaning and help you make the right choice.
27.07.2018 · by guanshe-team
If you have already started looking for information regarding becoming self-employed in Germany, you might have come across the term “Kleinunternehmer-Regelung”. This is a special regulation of the German tax law. But what does it actually mean? This article will help you to understand it.
27.07.2018 · by guanshe-team
No matter if you have already taken a closer look at the creation of your personal assets or not, you surely have heard about the expression “ETF”. Especially within the last years it seems that this form of investment has become increasingly popular. But what is the investment form ETF about?
24.07.2018 · by guanshe-team
How to save money each month with little effort
20.07.2018 · by guanshe-team
The bestseller regarding financial freedom
25.06.2018 · by guanshe-team
A book in form of a coaching session
20.06.2018 · by guanshe-team