If you are registering a GmbH, UG or as an individual entrepreneur (Einzelunternehmer), you should be aware of this!
18.10.2018 · by guanshe-team
When it comes down to feedback in relation to your potential business, DO NOT look for opinions, look for CLIENTS.
13.10.2018 · by Victor
If you want to become self-employed in Germany, you need to know about the terms “Ist-Versteuerung” and “Soll-Versteuerung” that are from the German tax law. We will explain to you their meaning and help you make the right choice.
27.07.2018 · by guanshe-team
If you have already started looking for information regarding becoming self-employed in Germany, you might have come across the term “Kleinunternehmer-Regelung”. This is a special regulation of the German tax law. But what does it actually mean? This article will help you to understand it.
27.07.2018 · by guanshe-team