Are you a procrastinator? Part 1

When you are a student, whenever the teacher wants you to submit a report, are you always handing it out before the deadline? When the big test is coming or there is an important job to do, are you always cram for the examination at the last minute? Are you always procrastinate to submit the information or reports that your boss wants? If you have above situations, then you are likely to be a procrastinator like the others.

"Maybe tomorrow," "It doesn't matter, it’s no rush." "I don't want to do anything today." "I don't want to move." "I’ll start tomorrow.". Are you familiar with the above sentences? In fact, you know it pretty clear that “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”, but you just can't help to give in to inertia.

You may also keep continuing to make excuses: "I have lots of things to do", or "I don't have time." and so on. However, after constantly making excuses and keep things delay, guilt and annoyance will still come back to you.

How long have you procrastinated? Days, weeks, months?

Are you really that so busy?

Don’t you really have time to do something?

When you reflect on these questions, you will know clearly that you have procrastinated something for a long time. This matter has not been completed yet. It is not that you have no time. You are not as busy as you think. You just don't want to take that step and put into practice. 

There are many reasons for not really doing it, for example:

● To feel the task is too difficult

Because you feel that this task is difficult, it is necessary to make some effort to do it. Because of inertia, so you choose not to do it. But if you are pessimistic and don't do it. How will you know that you have potential?

● Too optimistic and not to make a move

Some people will think this way: "This is actually not so difficult, I can do it quickly." or "I can control something with my ability." However, sometimes it is often too optimistic to miscalculate the time and effort which you need.

● Afraid of possible failure

It seems that it will fail, then I will not do it, so I will not fail. Do you think of this often? Wrong! If you think this way and just don’t try it, you will never succeed. 

The above three points are the mindset and reasons why people don’t put things into practice and then procrastinate. The rest of this part will continue to be discussed in the next article.


Do you think you’re a procrastinator? Please feel free to share your ideas with us and leave a comment.

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