Are you a procrastinator? Part 2

We shared what is procrastination in the first article. You can find Part 1 here. There are always countless excuses for things which should be done. Using these excuses to hypnotize yourself and continually procrastinate the finishing time is definitely what a typical procrastinator will do. 

In the last article, we mentioned that there are three mindsets that procrastinators might have, which are “To feel the task is too difficult”, “Too optimistic and not to make a move” and “Afraid of possible failure”. Now, we will go on and discuss the other three mindsets. 

● To feel that this is not so urgent.

"This thing seems not so urgent." "It should be okay afterwards!". You often feel that things you should do are not so urgent and you can also wait? However, you know that if you procrastinate, you don’t know till when you will complete it. 

● There is no actual boldness

You have been thinking for a long time, but everything is just empty talk. You have no actual boldness and action. But you have to know, imagination is just fighting on the paper! Please don't just talk about it with your mouth. If you keep talking for a long time, you will only be more stressed because you have done nothing at all. 

● Don’t want to step out of your comfort zone

It’s normal to feel comfortable and stay in the comfort zone. Staying in the comfort zone is because you’re afraid to change, but you will not improve if you stay in it for a long time. I recommend you read the first and second part of "Get out of your comfort zone". From the articles you can learn step by step, to see how to get rid of fixed frameworks and greet your new life again. 

Take me as an example. I always thought that doing something would be very tiring and terrible, and it would take me a lot of time, so I always tried to procrastinate as long as possible. However, when I really took that step and did it, I realized that things were not as difficult as I thought. Only when you actually do it, can you really overcome the matter itself. 

Do you have a better understanding of the mindsets which procrastinator have? Please feel free to share your ideas and leave a comment.

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