Be aware of dubious payment requests after the registration in the Commercial Register in Germany

Just a few days after I had sent my notary the proof of the payment of nominal capital so that she could apply for the registration at the Commercial Register in Hamburg, I received 2 letters at once via mail containing payment requests for the entry in a database of the Handels- und Gewerberegister.


Careful: These are not invoices from official authorities!


Both payment requests were designed to look like they would be from an official authority and as if it would be the invoice for the entry at the Commercial Register (Handelsregister).


In addition, on both there at the top left side there is a symbol that looks very much like the official German federal eagle and right next to it it says in bold „Handels- und Gewerberegister“.


The deadline for payment is just 3 days after receipt („Zahlbar binnen 3 Werktagen nach Erhalt“) and in my case, it was about 797,30 Euro and 809,20 Euro!


Do not panic and do not transfer any money!


These letters come from companies that offer an entry at a non-official register that make their invoices look like they would come from an official authority.


Since this has become quite a problem, German official authorities such as Justice Departments of the States and the Federal Ministry of Justice also warn against these dodgy companies.


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Fortunately, my notary had warned me that I might receive these kinds of letters. If you don’t have any knowledge of it, you might as well easily fall into the trap and pay the requested amount of money, so be warned!


The following applies:

The invoice for the entry at the Commercial Register will be from local court cashier (Gerichtskasse), in the case of Hamburg, it is the Justizkasse Hamburg.



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