Giving up in time is just as important as sticking to something – Part 1

We used to hear: ”We should persistently carry through and never give up. If we give up, then we lose.” and related similar sentences in the process of growing up. Because of this, we keep trying again and again. When we want to give up, there will be a voice in the head: ”You should not give up. If you give up, you will become a loser. The winner is the one who persistently carries through until the end.”

But, is this really the truth?

Normally it’s not easy but with stress and pain when you are in the growing stage. When you are doing something and it’s almost done, it’s not wise that you give up at this moment, after overcoming so many difficulties. But think differently, if there is something which is impossible to achieve, no matter how much effort you put. Or if there is something which you need to put lots of time and cost in it. Then, will you still choose to start?

Let’s see an example. Now in Taiwan, a lot of people want to be public servants. People are afraid of layoff because the economy isn't doing very well nowadays. Therefore, if people can pass the exam and get in a government, they will have “job security”. If you are a public servant, this job is likely to be permanent and the salary is not bad. Some of you might feel weird, because there are many foreigners who think this job is boring and even barely want to try. But who knows this job is so “in” in Taiwan?

Because of this trend, there are a lot of cram schools in Taiwan. Their goal is to help examination candidates to analyze the sample questions from previous exams and prepare the civil service examination more effectively. Many college students will sign up for cram school before graduation and prepare this examination while they are studying. If they get through the examination, they can get “job security” as soon as they graduate. Not only will college student sign up for this exam, but also master graduate and doctoral graduate will sign up for it. Even some people work in the day time and prepare the examination at night, when they get off work. This examination is highly competitive, because there are a lot of people who want to take this. You might feel this is crazy, but what I told you is the truth.

Some people spend only one year and get through the examination with luck, some might spend many years and still struggling with it. Not going to work but just being a full-time candidate and keep studying, studying, studying, year by year, but still not get trough the examination. Think about it, is this really worth it?

For the matter of study and take exam, it depends a lot on talent and luck.

Ok, let’s get back to the issue of “to give up timely”. If you are good at the study and want to be a public servant, you might try, but not too many times. If you spend too much time and money but still cannot reach your goal (and it is still very far), then please give up at the right moment. Otherwise, you will keep on wasting your time, cost and killing your self-confidence.

Not all persistence has ideal results. I’m not telling you and encouraging you to give up. If you are close to the goal, you can continue to insist; if this goal will still takes you lots of time and spend a lot of money, let it go and put your energy on other things that are easier to get success. It will be more efficient and you will be more self-confident because of achieving your goal.


Have you ever tried hard and persisted to reach your goal? Feel free to share your idea with us and write a comment.

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