Get out of your comfort zone! – Part 1

Are you used to complain about work, your boss and don’t feel satisfied with your life? Or, is your life a daily routine, nothing special, just like the dead in the water, and it just repeats itself over and over again? If you feel like this, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and make some changes in your life!

What does “Comfort zone” actually mean? “Comfort zone” means the surroundings in which people are used to stay, or the mode or situation in which people are used to deal with. If people just follow this fixed mode and keep on staying in the same surroundings, then they will unconsciously lose their awareness of crisis. Take the example of boiling a frog in a pot (as a metaphor wink). You put a frog in a pot filled with water and heat it up. In the beginning, the change of temperature will not be obvious to the frog and it will only notice it once it is too late.

Some people might have never thought about the concept of “comfort zone”, and the days just go by one after another. Some might even have thought about it. But normally when people try to take a step and leave the comfort zone which they’re so familiar with, then they start to be afraid. Because leaving the comfort zone means they have to face unknown and strange things.

People will dislike or feel uncomfortable about these kinds of unfamiliarity and uncertainty, because there are lots of uncontrollable factors before they can get familiar with the situation. Therefore, although there are lots of people who are not satisfied with their life, they don’t want to make any changes about it, just because “they have got used to” their current life. Yes, that's right! To these people, even if their life is awful and they keep complaining about it everyday, they still rather accept it (the unsatisfying things in their life) than entering something unknown and new in their life. Just because in a way they got used to it and it still „feels comfortable“.

To many people, „change“ is strange and painful. In this situation, they rather follow the regular mode and keep grumbling day after day, not willing to jump out of their inertia than to make things possible. It is a pity.

Even you are scared, you have to keep trying new things! Then you can not only bring some freshness to your life and get rid of your daily routine, but you will also personally grow. So, be bold! Try to get out of your comfort zone!


Have you ever thought about getting out of your comfort zone? Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts with us and write a comment.

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