Get out of your comfort zone! – Part 2

In the first article of this series (read here), we mentioned the concept of “comfort zone” and also encouraged you to jump out of the fixed frame of your current life. So, how can we step out of the original comfort zone?

First, you have to review yourself. Take a look which parts there are that you can make better or strengthen, for example: communication skills, language skills, social skills or professional skills…etc.

Second, see which goals you want to realize, for example: get a raise, get a promotion, get a better job, expand your life circle and meet new friends…etc.

Third, collect information. The network is nowadays well developed, and there is so much information which is available and free online. You can use them to find the information or methods you need. For example the job training school or related materials, language schools, clubs or related online organizations.

Last, you need to realize it. After finding the information and methods which can strengthen yourself or improve your life, it is not yet finished! You have to try to implement it! This will make the previous three steps meaningful, and this is the way you can jump out of your fixed life mode.

The so-called “get out of your comfort zone” doesn’t mean that you have to make big changes in the very beginning, sacrifice your will and have to force yourself to do something, but rather start with the things that you’re interested in or also an easy way to do, find some related information or materials. The important fact is to learn a new things, skills or languages. Or, leave the city which you know so well and explore the town nearby, this is also great! Join the activities when you’re free or on the weekend, to meet new friends and exchange your thoughts, this is also a good way. See? Through this way, you can gradually get out of the original comfort zone! Step by step.

However, most people don’t consider this issue, much less realize it. For the reasons which people don’t want to get out of the comfort zone, apart from never thinking about it and being afraid of unknown changes, there is also a point which is worthy to consider: Whether they put more emphasis on themselves or not? When people get married and have kids, they often focus on the family and children. I’m not saying this is not good, but kids will grow up and leave one day and have their own life. So you have to develop your interest, also manage your life. It is an issue which is important and cannot be neglected. But this is another day’s topic.

Anyway, “jump out of the comfort zone” doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself, but try to let yourself get rid of regular and daily routine, and try to find different excitement. Before doing this, you might feel afraid, but you’ll figure it out, there are lots of beautiful and exciting things in this world which are waiting for you to explore, as long as you step out a bit!


What are your ways to trying to get out of your comfort zone? Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts with us and write a comment.

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