How everything began !

Dear guanshe-members!

My name is Anke and I created guanshe smile   

Until a few years ago, I did not have any points of contact with the topic of being self-employed since even within my circle of friends and acquaintances almost everybody was working as an employee. It happened that my husband came across a professional change with the result of becoming self-employed. 

It was a step that until today he has never regretted even though I have to admit that I was hesitating a lot to go ahead with it since there was nobody with whom we could exchange experiences. We took this decision together and I was especially involved in getting to know all about this topic and until today am taking care of the tax matters.

The next big step was setting up a company. Again I was intensively occupied with this topic and noticed that there is a lot of information to be found offline and online concerning self-employment and setting up a company, however, the sources of information are widely spread. Moreover, I was lacking a direct exchange with other founders particularly online where I could ask a question and get a quick answer from someone who had made a similar experience. And this especially among women.

The last 3 years I have been living in Taiwan and also could get to know a lot of women from Taiwan and other Asian countries that want to be financially independent.  

The other topic I am passionate about is money smile How can I make my money grow and how can I reduce my expenses? How can I best save money on a long-term basis? In the last years I have been looking into these matters intensively and at the end together with my husband, we have started to invest in shares and ETFs. This is something that maybe 5 years ago I would not have thought to ever do since due to my ignorance in this topic I was far too hesitant and afraid and in addition, I was rather of the opinion that this would only be something for very wealthy people or at least for someone who has professional knowledge about the stock exchange. But no! Once you start to look into this topic and get familiar with it, you will find out that everybody can do it! And it is actually not such a boring topic as you might think but it can actually be quite exciting! And yes, there are ups and downs but that’s how you learn. The important thing is: get started and do it!

With guanshe, I would like to offer a room for us women, where we can share the experience with each other in relation to these topics, give advice and much more! And in addition with the possibility to connect with women from other countries! 

Get the best out of guanshe! I am happy to receive your feedback, advice or criticism.





Photo: Anke Pauli

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